Over the next few months Bide will be part of a Real World Validation project. We are working with University of Central Lancashire and Innovation Agency - part of the AHSN network - to assess how Bide can impact and support falls prevention.

The excellent team at Sheffcare are very supportive of Bide and we have already learnt so much about the challenges they face with nighttime falls.

We are, therefore, very excited to be piloting 30 Bide devices over 9 Sheffcare homes across Sheffield.

The data gathered will enable the researchers to understand if nighttime falls decrease for the residents that used Bide. We will also be able to gather other outcomes including feedback from carers and residents.

The Real World Validation project is an important step in the Bide journey as we gather more formalised data on the impact Bide can have. The study will be completed by the end of June when we look forward to sharing the results.