Here’s a fantastic article from De Montfort University showcasing Bide and the Real World Validation study that is due to start in April.

De Montford University have been a fundamental part of the Bide falls prevention journey and were extremely supportive in the design of the unit.

Being able to design a falls prevention product that is very simple to use but allows for multi-functional features was no easy task!

Our team at Peak MedTek welcomed the expertise of De Montfort University to understand how a person would interact with the device and enable it to be intuitive in its layout and how it works.

Not only did the design need to be practice but it as it sits on a persons beside, it also needed to be aesthetically pleasing. We hope that the combination of expertise has enabled us to achieve this goal.

Bide is now actively being used to prevent falls not only in people's homes but also in care homes across the UK.

For the full article please click the following link: Trials start in care homes of new device to prevent OAP falls (