We are delighted this month that Founder Dr Tom Adler had the opportunity to speak with Rory Cellan-Jones, Former Technology Correspondent BBC.

As the NHS continues to suffer incredible pressures, Rory was interested in the simplicity of Bide and its potential to be able to reduce hospital admissions.

Being able to lower A&E visits would take several stresses out of the system, whilst people can live healthier and more independently at home. It would also save the NHS money.

Not all solutions need to be technology heavy or cost a lot of money. The benefit of Bide is that it does not need the internet to work. This allows it to be available to those that are often excluded from accessing preventative technology. Rory said ‘Maybe a device not much more complicated than an answering machine could be part of the answer to tackling a problem that’s costing the health service billions.’

The full article can be viewed here on Substack:

Bide - simple tech that could save the NHS millions (substack.com)